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Live DJ for Weddings

Choosing a disc jockey for your wedding reception is one of the most important decisions you will have to make to ensure your wedding day is a success. This is a once in a lifetime event where you bring family and friends of all ages together and you want to be sure everyone has a wonderful and memorable time. Our professional wedding DJs are trained to be master party planners and will create a strategic musical plan to complement every moment – from introductions and specialty dances to cake cutting and high energy dancing.

Whether your favorite songs are Top-40, Motown, Country, Rock, Swing, Big Band, Jazz, Hip-Hop or a combination of many genres, our experienced DJs can mix the right tunes from each style to create wedding music that turns passive listeners into active party participants. We truly understand the “Art Of The Party” and have mastered “event flow”. Our many years of experience have taught us that “when” a certain song is played is just as important as “what” song is chosen to create the moment. From spinning and dipping on the dance floor and dancing in the aisles to romantic interludes, your guests will connect with songs you’ve planned and songs your disc jockey instinctively chooses. You’ll be able to enjoy your day and have a wedding celebration that will leave you and your guests absolutely breathless!