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Live Band for Corporate Events

There is nothing like the experience of having a great band at your corporate or fundrasing event. And here's why...

...a great band generates excitement and keeps your guests stomping their feet and wanting more

...a great band adds a special touch of Class, Elegance, and Style to your special event

...a great band has passion and will deliver joy to their audience

...a great band is reliable and understands the importance of your event and works hard to make your life easier

Take your event beyond your expectations by setting the stage with Class, Elegance, Style, and Sophistication. In addition to live bands and DJ’s, The B-Side Entertainment Group provides a vast array of incredibly talented ensembles and themed musical groups to fit your specific needs. Our gifted musicians will weave a classy and melodic tapestry into the background of your event, carefully fashioned to match your desire for the perfect affair.

The B-Side Entertainment Group offers a range of talented traditional ensembles that can be customized and tailored for your event. Enjoy refined music that modestly works its way into the spirit of your guests as they converse over dinner or cocktails. Add that extra special touch that sets the mood for pool-side gatherings, commitment ceremonies, corporate events, weddings or other special occasions. As your evening progresses and a lower volume of music is more appropriate, the ensembles becomes the solution for maintaining the perfect ambiance. (Ensembles subject to availability, contact us ASAP)